Orhan Holding 18. International Photography Contest
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  1. Photo Contest Name: 18th INTERNATIONAL PHOTO CONTEST, 2022


  1. Contest Subject and Purpose:  'Happiness'   

This year's theme is 'happiness' in humans, animals, plants...

Capturing happiness through your lens is just as hard as describing it! But if you're ready for it, you can photograph all kinds of happiness on Earth, anywhere, in all living things. How can you see and press your shutter release when and in what way...!

  1. Organization: 'Orhan Holding 18th 'International Photography Contest' is organized by Orhan Holding with the support of the Federation of Photographic Arts of Turkey (TFSF).


  1. Contest Categories and Sections:

This year's theme of the competition is  'Happiness'  and will take place in three parts digitally.

  1. Black & White (Traditional Photo)
  2. Color (Traditional Photography)
  3. Experimental (Color or Black & White)
  1. Conditions of Participation:
    1. Participation is free of charge. All photography lovers can participate free of charge in our international photography competition, which will be held according to TFSF and FIAP rules and regulations.
    2. Each section can be attended with up to 4 (four) photos.
    3. Competition is open to all professional and amateur photographers over the age of 18 from all over the world, except for the members of the selection committee, the competition secretariat officers, the TFSF competition representative and their first-degree relatives.
    4. Participants shall own the copyrights of the photographs they submit. By submitting their photographs, they shall be deemed to have confirmed these rights.
    5. The participant accepts, declares and undertakes that the work sent to the competition belongs entirely to them and that all permissions have been obtained. Participants who receive awards and who are found to have acted outside of this declaration and acceptance will be subject to a violation of the rules.
    6. A violation of the rules is applied to the participants who make any kind of intervention and changes on the photograph sent to the competition to show the work as their own or to mislead the evaluation board even though the work does not belong to them.
    7. In case of rule violations, the sanctions in ' Turkish Federation of Photographic Arts National / International Photography Contest Regulation Main Directive and Regulation on Rule Violation Practices (TFSF YG 02-D)  ' are applied. The reward, title and all kinds of achievements of the participant who is found to be in violation of the rules will be withdrawn. The prize will be cancelled; place is left blank. This does not mean that there will be any changes to the ranking of the other competitors; it does not give rise to the right to claim to the competitors who have received and/or have not received other awards. If the award is given, the participant's award shall be returned to the regulatory authority within 7 (seven) working days from the date of detection of the discrepancy.
    8. Participants who are still subject to a restriction decision issued by the TFSF for the reasons explained above or who are on the FIAP red list cannot participate in this competition.
    9. By participating in a competition under the patronage of TFSF, the competitor, whether he/she is a member of FIAP or not, shall be deemed to have acknowledged in advance that the compliance of the photographs submitted to the competition with FIAP rules and definitions can be inspected, when necessary. FIAP may carry out this inspection by using all the means and techniques at its disposal. In case the participant does not provide the necessary information requested from him/her, does not submit the original file captured by the camera, or does not cooperate with FIAP to solve the issue, the participant shall be banned by FIAP on the grounds of violating the rules, and his/her name shall be exposed in any way. It is recommended that the Exchangeable Image File Format (EXIF) data of the photographs submitted to the competition should be kept intact to facilitate possible investigations.
    10. Orhan Holding may request the original files of the photographs from the participants if it deems it necessary. 
    11. The result of the competition will be published at Orhan Holding's http://ipc.orhanholding.com ,    orhanholding.com    and TFSF's  https://tfsfonayliyarismalar.org ; in addition, all participants will be notified by e-mail.
  2.  Right of Publication and Copyright (Use):
    1. The photographs receiving awards and exhibitions will be stored in the Orhan Holding archive. Orhan Holding, provided that the names of the owners are indicated, will have the right to use these photographs for all kinds of promotional purposes and no royalties will be paid.
    2. Competitors participating in the competition agree that their photographs receiving awards and exhibitions are used by Orhan Holding in exhibitions and catalogs.
    3. According to the rules of the competition, reproduction of works is allowed to enter the printed or digital catalog, unless expressly prohibited by the author. In this regard, the rules about copyright must be followed. Under no circumstances does Orhan Holding allow the photographs to be used for other purposes.
    4. All photographs submitted shall be taken by the competitor. All legal responsibility for the copyright violations that may arise in case of using someone's images as they are or partially belongs to the participant.
    5. People who may appear in photographs submitted to the competition shall be deemed to have consented to their photo being taken and submitted to a competition, and publication of the photo on the Internet and in print media. All responsibility for disputes that may arise due to such uses shall belong to the competitor.
    6. The authors declare and undertake that the necessary permissions for the works they send have been obtained by them and that all responsibility belongs to them in case of disputes that may arise. Orhan Holding will not be responsible for any disputes that may arise in this regard.
  3. Other Considerations:
  4. If the prize recipients are unable to attend the award ceremony, their prizes will be sent to their address. Orhan Holding will not be liable if the awards sent are damaged in the mail.
  5. After the competition, a digital album containing the award-winning and worthy of exhibition photographs will be prepared and will be made available for download from the website http://ipc.orhanholding.com, orhanholding.com  starting from December 2022.
  6. The photographs awarded in the competition and deemed worthy of exhibition will be published and exhibited on the website   http://ipc.orhanholding.com   ,    orhanholding.com   and in the areas to be determined. In addition, the photographs that received awards, honorable mentions and special awards in the competition will be included in the pages devoted to our institution in the TFSF digital Almanac 2022.
  7. Photographs that do not receive awards and exhibitions in the competition will be deleted from the system after 90 (ninety) days from the Result Notification Date.
  8. Photos will be presented to the jury in a fully dimmable hall on a projector with a resolution of 3840 pixels x 2160 pixels on a screen diagonal length of at least 1, not more than 2.5 m, or on a 42/55 Inch LCD monitor with a resolution of ultra HD 4K 3840 pixels x 2160 pixels.
  9. In matters not specified in the list of conditions or in possible disputes, the decisions of the Organizing Committee, the Jury and '    https://tfsf.org.tr/writable/uploads/tfsf/yonergeler/TFSF-U-UA_FY_DUZENLEME_ANA_YONERGESI_04-2022.pdf    and the Board of Directors of the TFSF are valid.
  10. Naming and Submission of Works:
  11. Since the competition will be held according to the online photo system, it will only be valid with the acceptance of the works uploaded by the competitors who have completed the 'Participation Application Form' by following the membership and photo submission instructions from   http://www.tfsfonayliyarismalar.org   . No alternative submission (e-mail, cargo, hand delivery, etc.) will be accepted.
  12. The participant first shall signup the website to be able to upload photographs. The signup procedure shall be completed by clicking the activation link that will be sent to your e-mail address by the system after you signed up.
  13. Those who have been already signed up to the system shall use their username and password.
  14. The processes of sizing and naming the photographs to be uploaded during the participation shall be performed in advance, and the files shall be kept ready and uploaded in a single session.

The name of each photograph file shall include a maximum of 31 characters. The characters such as Ç, Ğ, İ, Ö, Ş, Ü, ç, ı, ğ, ö, ş, ü shall not be used in naming. The characters in English alphabet and underscore (_) may be used.

  1. The photographs to be uploaded shall have no passe-partout or margins. There shall be no details related to the identity of the participant such as name, signature, logo, date, etc. on the photograph.
  2. The photographs to be submitted to the competition shall be saved in JPG/JPEG format with a resolution between 72-300 DPI, compression quality between 8-12; also, the size of the files shall not be less than 1 MB and not exceed 4 MB.
  3. When uploading the photographs to the system, the photo name, shooting date and place information must be entered correctly by the participant in the relevant fields.
  4. Photo naming is mandatory. If you are naming the photo for the first time, FIAP rules require that you no longer use it under another name. If you named your photo in another contest, use the same name.
  5. In case of errors caused by the system or the user during the process of becoming a member over the internet or participating in the competition, the problem will be solved in a short time and the participant will be informed by contacting  https://tfsfonayliyarismalar.org/tr/iletisim     .
  6. The Organizing Committee shall not be held responsible for possible problems that may arise due to uploading the works.
  7. Awards (For each section):
  • FIAP Gold, Silver, Bronze Medals, FIAP Honorable Mentions (plaque) (6),
  • TFSF Gold, Silver, Bronze Medals, TFSF Honorable Mention (3 pieces)
  • Orhan Holding Special Award (plaque),
  • Necla Orhan Special Award (plaque)
  • FIAP Best Photographer Award (Light Blue pin) (Awarded to the participant with the most exhibitions and awards in total).
  • Exhibition (Up to 11 works can be selected for each category).
  1. Members of the Selection Committee:

Black – White

  • Zeynep Diniz (AFIAP)
  • Ayşegül Orhan
  • Ercan Arslan


  • Nasuh Mahruki
  • Necla Orhan
  • Engin Özendes ( ESFIAP)


  • Ali Balkı (AFIAP)
  • Ayşen Küçüka
  • Bahadır Öztuna

* The Selection Committee convenes with the coming together of at least 3 (three) members and an evaluation report is prepared after the competition. In the event that 3 (three) members of the selection committee cannot come together on the date of the meeting, the meeting and the announcement of the result are postponed for one week.

**Jury evaluation will be held in two rounds, the first round will be held as ONLINE SCORING in accordance with TFSF rules, and the final round will be face-to-face. In the event that it is not possible for the Members of the Selection Committee to come together due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the final round will be held ONLINE via ZOOM Meeting.


  1. TFSF Contest Representative:  Cengiz Han Günesen

There will be a TFSF Contest Representative in the competition process and in the hall.


  1. Competition Calendar:
Deadline for applications: 07 November 2022
Evaluation: 12 November 2022
Result Notification Date : 18 November 2022
Award Ceremony Public Exhibition: 17 December 2022/ 07 January (Orhan Holding/ Bursa)
Sending Awards  : 01 February 2023

(A digital catalog will be prepared and sent to the participants by e-mail)

Oversized prints for the exhibition will be commissioned by Orhan Holding.


  1. Competition Secretariat/Contact:

Orhan Holding A.Ş. (Rümeysa Dağlar)


Ovaakça Çeşmebaşı Mah. Yeni Yalova Yolu Cad. No: 661

Osmangazi 16335 Bursa/Turkiye

Phone: +90 224 280 4900

Fax  : +90 224 267 14 44

Email:   ipc@orhanholding.com   

  1. Our competition is certified by (TFSF) / Photographic Arts Federation of Turkey            TFSF 2022-090 and International Federation of Photographic Arts /Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique (FIAP) with the number FIAP.2022-605
  2. There will be a TFSF Contest Representative in the competition process and in the hall.

FIAP Traditional Photo Definition:

Traditional Photography is a natural-looking photograph in which the content of the original image and the reality of the space are not altered with minimal corrections. Apart from framing, editing, changing, adding and removing the original photo is absolutely not possible. Photos made on camera or after shooting with HDR (High Dynamic Range) or focus-stacking techniques are strictly prohibited.

FIAP monochrome Photo Description:

A black and white work, which turns from dark gray (black) to light gray (white), is a monochrome with various shades of gray. A work in black and white tones made entirely in one color is also considered monochrome and falls into the black-and-white category; such a work can be restructured in black and white for the FIAP competition catalog. On the other hand, if a black and white work is modified with partial tones or with the participation of a color (multi-coloration), it becomes a color work and is included in the color category.